My bronze and steel sculpture and furniture has its roots in the timeline of metal arts, being influenced by ancient metal arts, modern sculpture, and the American Handmade Movement, I create a metal statement of my own.

The metal fabrication techniques I use are the same techniques used by Modern Sculptors, such as Picasso, Anthony Caro, and David Smith. The most important thing I have learned from the great artists of the past is to to look inward and to create my own art. My college education was in sculpture. At that time I was taught how to weld by Klaus Ihlenfeld (sculptor) assistant of Bertoia. After college I worked in various metal fabrication and foundry shops where I learned even more. I have always made things. I have the metal skills, the drive to be creative, and a visual memory which gives me the opportunity to express life in objects

When working with metal, sometimes controlling it is like a dance where I am in the lead and sometime it is a dance where the material leads me. I use bronze and steel to make my forms, then grinder marks and patina to paint the sheet metal.

This new landscape series came about after years of driving around the Endless Mountains region of Pa. I visualized the mountains and valleys and translated them into bronze. When they were first made I viewed the landscapes horizontally, looking down at them from above, eventually they became doors for my furniture.

Gary Magakis - Metal Artist

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